Vintage German porcelain Gesteckpfeife tobacco pipe bowl section

Vintage German porcelain Gesteckpfeife tobacco pipe bowl section

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(1) Vintage German white porcelain Gesteckpfeife tobacco pipe bowl part. From the first quarter of the 20th century and in super original condition but the top rim is not glazed.

Gesteckpfeife, literally meaning “pipe in parts”. As its name suggests, it was composed of several interconnecting parts: a bowl and expansion chamber (also known as a “sump”), where the moisture collected. It was Y-shaped, with one end inserted into the bowl, and the other end inserted into a long tube, the third part, which ended in the mouthpiece, the fourth part. Another interesting feature was the addition of a flexible tube, reminiscent of the hookah. The pipe was designed so that once the smoke left the bowl, it was drawn down into the sump where it would lose moisture, and then be drawn up along the long wooden tube and cooled before reaching the mouthpiece. The shape of the pipe with its almost vertical long tube, the cylindrical bowl almost parallel to the tube and the slightly inclined mouthpiece recall a saxophone
Origin: Germny
Size: 2 inches 
Bowl internal diameter: 22mm
End diameter: 15mm
Material: Porcelain
Year: 1920's
Condition: Authentic vintage condition. 
Quantity: 1

SIZE60+ mm
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